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Delray Beach SEO

If you’re running a business in Delray Beach, you’re going to want an SEO agency.


Because 85% of consumers search for local businesses on the internet.

Because 82% of US adults check out ratings and reviews online before buying a product.

Because everyone’s on the internet, and your business should be too.

But it’s not enough to just throw a site up there and wait for the money to roll in. You have to make sure your website gets seen.

That’s where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. SEO agencies optimize your website so that it ranks well in search engines.

If you just want to hire us and be done with it, feel free to contact us.

But if you want to understand how SEO works, and what we do to help your business make money, we’ve provided that information below.

On-Page Delray Beach SEO

It all starts with what’s on your website.

Obviously, your first concern with on-page content is to make sure searchers like what they see. When they type in “Delray Beach [service or product]”, you want them to look through your site and trust your business.

But one of the keys to getting your website seen on search engines is to make sure these engines are able to read your content in the first place.

This means choosing one keyword for each page. So we’ll go through search data using various tools to determine what your customers are typing into Google. “Delray Beach Facelift,” “Delray Beach Long Distance Moving,” whatever it is, we make sure to target terms with a combination of good search volume and low competition.

Then we optimize individual pages to rank for these terms. For instance, if you’re a Delray Beach moving company, we’ll create a page for “Delray Beach Long Distance Moving” and write an in-depth piece of content covering the topic as fully as we can.

We’ll get into the process of moving in Delray Beach, how long it might take, what you can do to prepare for a move, and more.

We’ll make sure to mention your keyword a number of times. This should feel as natural as possible, since the subject of the page will also be the keyword.

(Fun Fact: the keyword for this page is “Delray Beach SEO”. While you read about On-Page SEO, you’re also reading an example of it.)

We’ll pay particular attention to the headings on the page. There’s the H1 tag, which is the title of your page, and the H2 tags, which are the bolded subheadings.

Google puts extra weight on the headings, so our goal is to make sure the keyword phrase is placed as prominently there as possible. Once again, since the keyword is also the subject of the page, this should feel natural: the headings are simply stating the topic of the page.

Quality is important, so we can’t just say “Delray Beach SEO” in every paragraph and heading, but the goal is to make the keyword prominent enough to send a signal to search engines.

As well, we’ll also use something called “Latent Semantic Indexing” keywords to further make sure the page covers the topic extensively. In plain English, we’ll determine which words Google associates with your chosen keyword. Using these related “LSI” keywords, we can communicate clearly and cleanly what your page is about.

We’re essentially saying, “Yes, this page is about Delray Beach SEO. It covers the topic well, and therefore should rank well for the phrase.”

On top of making sure you’re optimizing the keywords for your website, we’ll want to make sure your site as a whole follows Google’s (and, if you’re targeting an older audience, Bing’s) guidelines.

This means making sure it loads quickly and is optimized for mobile devices. You’ll note that these factors also increase the user experience for your site, which is a nice bonus.

If you want to get even deeper, Backlinko has an infographic that clearly lays out some of the most important factors for making sure your site is optimized for search engines.

On-Page SEO is only half the battle, though. The other half is Off-Page SEO.

Off-Page Delray Beach SEO

Off-Page SEO, also known as Link Building, is the art of getting websites to point links at your website.

Why is that important? Because links are one of the two major factors that search engines use when determining how a website should rank for any given keyword.

Essentially, Google sees links as a form of trust. When one website links to another, it’s telling Google, “This site has valuable content, and that content deserves to rank well in search engines.”

In the past, Google valued links pretty equally, which meant volume was the name of the game: the more links you had pointing to your site, the better it would rank. But over time, Google has become more distinguishing.

Now, you still want as many links as possible pointing to your site. However, more important than just quantity, you want a large volume of quality links.

There are a lot of ways to get these links, and we’ve tried them all: guest posting, partnering with other websites, reaching out to reporters, the list goes on.

Often, the most effective Link Building method is to create good content and reach out to websites that would be interested in linking to the content.

SEO Is An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Delray Beach Business

A lot of SEO agencies want to make SEO seem hard to understand, but really it’s simple: you optimize your site for search engines, then get high-quality links pointing in your direction.

It’s not all that hard to understand, but it can be very difficult to do. Especially when you’re already working hard on all the other elements of your business.

That’s where SEO agencies come in.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll let you know how SEO can help your business, just like it’s helped many others.

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