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These days, all businesses need good web traffic. This is true whether your business is online or offline. Though Delray Beach SEO is my specialty, I’ve offered SEO services to a variety of industries, in a variety of areas. In the ‘SEO For…’ Series, I explain how SEO works for different industries.

What Makes Coffee Broker SEO Different

Every business has a client base: the sort of people most likely to buy your product or use your service. For Spike TV, that customer base is young and male. An estate lawyer might define their client base as an older individual, with enough assets that it’s worth worrying about a will.

One of the unique things about coffee brokers — a fact that permeates the marketing strategy and thus the SEO strategy — is just how small their client base is.

If you’re a coffee broker, the vast majority of your clients are going to own coffee shops. They’re going to have a passion for the product, and they may very well have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The more you understand the psychology of this narrow subset of people, the better you’ll be able to market towards them. You’ll understand what they’re looking for, what sort of content will interest them, and how you can make a big impact in an underdeveloped web niche.

What Happens When You Search for “Coffee Broker”

A great way to get insight into the psychology of your customers is to look at the Search Engine Results Page (SERP, for short) for the term, “Coffee Broker.” This will tell you which pages rank best for coffee brokers.*


First we have the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. These aren’t organic results. They can be effective, but since we don’t want to have to continuously pay the sometimes-high fees month after month, we’ll probably want to rank higher in the organic (non-PPC) results.


After the PPC ads, you see the actual results for the “coffee broker” search term.

Notice something interesting? The first four results don’t belong to people working in the industry.

Instead, you see that people aren’t just looking for a coffee broker; they want to be one.

Using Their Curiosity

The fact that your target clientele wants to be you makes things tricky. But luckily, there are a lot of roadblocks preventing them from jumping into the industry: the need to build relationships and travel for long periods of time being just two of the bigger ones.

Still, when someone searches for the term “coffee broker,” they’re probably not going to want to be sold to. Instead, they’re looking to learn about you.

How do you use that? By building relationships through honesty. Or, to put it another way, through blogging.

Blog Strategy for Coffee Brokers

Your potential customers are interested in your lifestyle, so you need to use that to draw them in. Things are never as glamorous as they seem from afar, of course, but that’s okay.

Use your blog to tell people both the good and bad parts of your job. Tell them about the cool places you’ve been and the delicious coffees you’ve tasted. Then tell them abut the sicknesses, the bumpy roads, and the time spent away from family.

They’ll trust you if you’re honest with them.

So the strategy for getting these clients is pretty simple. Write about your life, then have an area on your page where people can find out more about the coffees you buy and the way your service works.

If they trust you, they’ll want to work with you. It’s as simple as that.

Coffee Broker SEO is an Untapped Field

As far as SEO niches are concerned, coffee brokers have a lot of room to grow in. The field isn’t particularly competitive, which means a bit of well-invested money can go a long way.

Want to capitalize on the opportunity? If so, contact me here.

* A quick note: Google personalizes pages based on your previous searches, as well as your location. If you want to get a ‘generic’ Google SERP, which isn’t affected by its personalized recommendations, you have to search using the Incognito mode for Google Chrome. This is how I got the SERP above.


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